Among the charities we have funded are:

Homelink Family Support
The aim is to provide practical and emotional support to families at risk with young children so they bring up their child(ren) in a secure, stable and loving environment.

By offering positive practical and emotional in-home support, at a time when families are most vulnerable due to the stress of having preschool age children, crisis situations are prevented from developing. 

Parents become more confident with their parenting skills, regain control of their lives reducing the likelihood of future crises. Through consistent support they develop the skills and knowledge to deal with difficult situations and to provide their children with a more stimulating, stable and safe environment.

Once the process of  early intervention and working with the family as a whole is completed families are shown  how to  link in to accessing local support services.
The charity  aims to promote the social inclusion of families with children marginalised by poverty and discrimination. It provides family support services to some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children and their families.

This includes families with children in need or at risk as a result of parental drug and alcohol use and/or imprisonment; families with children at risk of school exclusion; children at risk of removal from care of birth parents. 

Services are delivered through outreach support to vulnerable children and their families in their own home, at the charitiy’s own bases or in the schools. Methods include: whole family work, couple work with parents, individual work with children and parents, group work with children and group work with parents.


Mosac is a voluntary organisation supporting all non-abusing parents and carers whose children have been sexually abused. It provides advocacy, information and advice, befriending, counselling, play therapy and support groups following alleged child sexual abuse.

Mosac seeks to enable parents/carers to rebuild confidence, alleviate isolation and to assist both parents/carers and their children to achieve an improved quality of life.

Mosac aims to raise awareness of the needs of the families affected by sexual abuse by liaising within the community and with voluntary and statutory agencies involved with families.

A grant was awarded to help fund the salary of the Co-ordinator.

Westminster Befriend A Family

Westminster Befriend a Family recruits, trains and supports volunteers to befriend individual families under stress and visit them regularly in their homes. The charity’s volunteers can help families where a parent is disabled or has mental health problems, or a child has special needs.

It works in particular with families who are homeless or in temporary accommodation and refugees and asylum seekers.

It was awarded a grant towards the salary of their Office Manager.

Families Outside
The charity works exclusively on behalf of families affected by imprisonment in Scotland.

The imprisonment of a family member has a negative impact on the social, emotional, financial and educational development of the remaining family members, leading to disadvantage, exclusion and the risk of perpetuation of cycles of crime and imprisonment. 

The  work is designed  to mitigate the effects of imprisonment on children and families and to reduce reoffending through support and information for families and the professionals working with them. 
People affected by imprisonment. Includes children and families of people awaiting sentence, in custody, or recently released.  Each year, more children in Scotland suffer a parent’s imprisonment than a parent’s divorce. 

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